Supported currencies

Our system supports a number of crypto and fiat currencies in which a payment or payout can be made. In the Sandbox environment we additionally provide support for test currencies, allowing to test end-to-end process without using actual funds. You can check the list of the currently available currencies using our API

Currency codes

In our system each currency/token on each blockchain is assigned a unique identification. The main currency on the main nets use the common codes (e.g. BTC, ETH, TRX), however in most cases the id consist of token name and the blockchain-specific suffix. Several examples would be:

Currency code
USDT_ERC20 USDT Tether on Ethereum
USDT_TRC20 USDT Tether on Ethereum
USDC_ERC20 USDC Coin on Ethereum

We provide support of wide range of crypto currencies. Feel free to consult our API or contact our support channel.

This also includes test currencies used in our Sanbox environment

Currency code
ETH_SEPOLIA ETH on the Sepolia testnet
USDT_ERC20_SEPOLIA Our custom ERC-20 compatible token on the Sepolia network
BTC_TEST Bitcoin test network

If you need specific test currencies to check your integration - please contact our support channel