General Information

Undocumented Features

In case the API returns JSON fields that are not mentioned in the documentation, API clients shouldn't rely on those fields when building their functionalities. Same rules apply to API endpoints or other features.

It is recommended to generate API clients automatically out of provided OpenAPI specification.

Undocumented features are not supported because one of the following reasons (list not exhaustive):

  • Feature is being deprecated or will be removed soon
  • Bitclear team is adding new features that will be first tested internally before stabilizing and being announced

Please contact support in case of any questions about undocumented features.

Deprecation process

Bitclear team does our best to synchronize with API clients to help them to migrate from deprecated features to new functionality.

In most cases Bitclear API will support old versions for reasonable time to guarantee API clients can migrate without any downtime.

API Access

The API is served over HTTPS protocol. Please see OpenAPI for specific endpoints and URLs.

API Keys

To use the API it is first needed to create their API key - it can be done via merchant dashboard. Merchants can create multiple API keys

Request Limits

At the moment there is no rate-limiting of incoming API calls.

API Authentication

The API uses HTTP Basic Authentication mechanism over HTTPS protocol.

You should set the username as the API Key ID and password as API Key Secret which was generated when the key was created.