Migrating to API v3

Main differences

  • Anomalies are removed
  • Payments can now transition from EXPIRED to INVALID when Bitclear API receives any transaction after expiration time
  • Payments will be updated after expiration time to show all incoming transactions
  • Notification schema has changed
  • Support for alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) via new request attributes
  • API authentication mechanism uses API Key ID instead of API Key Name

Detailed information

New endpoint to list supported currencies

  • new endpoint /currencies to list supported currencies
  • It is recommended to cache and refresh this endpoint regularly to obtain up-to-date information on supported (crypto)currencies supported by Bitclear API
  • All endpoints that previously worked for BTC now require cryptocurrency to be provided explicitly


  • amount is replaced by priceAmount and priceCurrency
  • merchantTransactionId renamed to externalPaymentId
  • currency renamed to priceCurrency
  • message renamed to walletMessage


  • currency renamed to priceCurrency
  • fiatAmount renamed to priceAmount
  • btcAmount renamed to transferAmount